Playtime at Kizciti

Kizciti in Hanoi is the perfect place to take your kids if you want them to experience how to be an adult, even for just a day.

Teach your kids the value of hardwork by taking them to Kizciti in Hanoi. Give them the unforgettable experience of being a pediatrician, a pilot, fireman, or an engineer for a day while you sit back & enjoy a cup of coffee at their open air coffee shop.

There are about 33 activities that kids can choose from, some of them will require payment & others will pay wages in the centres' unique currency, Kizo, which they'll receive at the entrance.

Each activity is modeled on actual adult careers & hands on attendants will be there to guide the kids with each step.

The centre is suitable for children ages 3 to 12 years old with friendly staff who are more than happy to let your kids' imagination run safely free.