7 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Bestie

published March 17 2016


There’s a reason she’s your bestie - she’s the best person to go on adventures with!


1. Do Something Different On Your Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways are the perfect excuse for you to have an amazing time with your bestie away from your normal routines back home. Let’s face it, you spend most weekends together but it’s not every weekend you both get to sample street food in Hanoi!



2. Sneak Off On A Short Break Together

Okay, it’s a little naughty but you can both sneak out of the office to catch a Friday afternoon flight. Being naughty is fine if someone else is doing it, right?



3. Double The Ideas For Your Weekend Holiday

Two of you means double the ideas being poured into planning! Even a short break needs a great itinerary but everyone has busy lives. Luckily, Travolor makes planning fun by allowing you to customise a unique journey. Our one-stop shop allows you to book your travel package in one go - perfect excuse for a girls' night in whilst browsing Travolor’s options together.



4. She’s On Your Team

Travelling with your bestie means you’ve got your own personal cheerleader. Feeling a little scared to try something new? Your bestie will encourage you to do something daring. Both want to do something completely different? You’re both cool with doing your own thing for a while then hitting the town together later - it’s all good because you know what each other likes.


5. She’s Your Personal Getaway Photographer

You’ve legitimately got your own photographer. Don’t like the million shots she took of you on the beach in Da Nang? No worries - she’ll happily do them again, because she gets it. You’ve also got a selfie buddy too, no need to feel so cringey when you’re doing it with someone else.



6. She’s Dependable

Travelling with your bestie means there always someone to take care of you. Not feeling so good? She’ll take care of you and make sure you have what you need. Feeling lazy? She’ll motivate you to get out of bed and go on adventures...or be lazy with you! You guys are in tune.


7. You’ll Never Be Bored

You’re never going to get bored with your bestie. There’s always someone to talk to who gets you and you’re creating even more shared memories to add to the bank. When the trip comes to an end,  don’t worry - Travolor will soon be launching trips to destinations such as Luang Prabang, Cambodia and Phuket, so get ready to take a dip in a waterfall, raid some ancient temples and sunbathe on the beach! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear and plan your next adventure with your bestie.


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